Terms of Use

This page contains important information regarding the terms and conditions which apply to the services and products offered by Finnbuzz. These Terms and Conditions mentioned herein form the contract between the User using the Finnbuzz product & services and Finnbuzz.

Before availing of Finnbuzz services, the User shall complete the registration process as may be prescribed from time to time.The User agrees that all investment and services receiving decisions are based on the User’s own evaluation of financial circumstances and investment objectives. This extends to any decisions made by the User on the basis of any information that may be made available on the web site of Finnbuzz .

The User will not hold nor seek to hold Finnbuzz or any of its officers, directors, employees, agents, subsidiaries, partners, affiliates, or business associates liable for any losses, cost, or damage incurred by the User consequent upon relying on information, opinions or advice or any other material/ information whatsoever on the web site, literature, brochure issued by Finnbuzz or any other agency authorized /appointed by Finnbuzz. The User also acknowledges that members of Finnbuzz are not authorized to give any such advice and that the User will not solicit or rely upon any such advice from Finnbuzz or any of its employees.

Details of the User:

The User further agrees to & acknowledges that any documents/information including his name, address, contact details, and specimen signature may be obtained by a third- party on the Finnbuzz website directly from the User. You understand that Finnbuzz may at any time, at its sole discretion and without prior notice to you, prohibit or restrict your access to this Website or related services or may discontinue or change, at any time, any of the services available through this Website.

The User authorizes third-party companies to rely on such documents/ information including the User’s specimen signature obtained from such third-party source without counter checking/validating the same with the User and the User shall be deemed to have acknowledged the validity/ accuracy of the same.

The User is aware of all security risks including possible third-party interception of his/her account and the content of his/her account becoming known to third parties. The User understands that the use of any email id, mobile, or any such details is not a secure method of viewing, accepting and transmitting information and that it involves security hazards and the risk of any loss of information or obtaining of information or misuse by any third party of his/her account and Finnbuzz shall, in no way, be held responsible for the same and shall not be considered as a breach of obligations.