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5 common excuses people make to put off investing and how to overcome them

One carefully crafted justification at a time, excuses for not investing accumulate like cobwebs. In the end, at least, the spider gains something. I’ll explain why investing is a bad decision and why people put it off.

Naturally, the pleasure that comes from spending money now outweighs the satisfaction that comes from saving money later. When you’re young, it’s tempting to use the often praised but false YOLO lifestyle as justification for delaying your investments.

But if you go behind the glossy millennial catchphrase, the ugly realities of life are waiting to be discovered. It is best to realize that there is no getting around the necessity for financial security as soon as possible. You may achieve your financial objectives and look forward to a pleasant retirement when you maintain financial stability via consistent and sustainable investing.

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There is no reason to believe that you are fated to live off meagre savings forever. Provided you are willing to overcome your excuses for putting off investing. But what exactly is it that people fear? What exactly is it that makes people want to delay an important life decision? What really is their excuse for not wanting to save their hard-earned money for a better future.

Here are some common excuses people cite for postponing their investments. Time to overcome them.

I don’t have enough money to invest 

One of the most popular justifications for not investing is this one. Individuals who don’t spend enough time creating a budget find themselves short on cash at the end of the month. You’re doing it incorrectly if you’re contentedly seeing the month pass by in order to preserve whatever money you have left over at the end.

It’s like investing in a future version of yourself when you save money. Prior to paying for your purchases, pay yourself. Make investing a monthly habit by selecting tools like Systematic Investment Plans that force you to save money. Keep track of your expenditures and set aside some of the money you meant to treat yourself to occasionally invest in order to see how much you can actually afford to save.

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I don’t know where to start

People use ignorance as a justification for not investing, even though they were born into an era where information is easily accessible with only a click. The truth is that the abundance of investing options discourage people from beginning their financial journey rather than aiding them in making a decision.

Investing is frequently portrayed as being more difficult than it actually is. When faced with technical jargon and intricate financial concepts, you appear unprepared and worry making the incorrect decision. However, keep in mind that learning to swim requires getting wet. Before you reach the deep end, you wade into the water and get acquainted. Avoid becoming overtaken by the amount of available data. Get investing now.

I’m afraid to lose my money

You are not alone. Everyone fears losing their money. The stock market is a volatile place, particularly for a first-time investor.

The trick is to diversify your portfolio and carefully spread your investments over the short, medium, and long terms. If you have built a portfolio that you truly believe in and are willing to persevere, you will be shielded from market volatility and benefit from the power of compounding over a period of time. In short, don’t hesitate to invest because you might lose your money. Just invest consistently and hold on.

I missed the investment bus ­­- it’s too late now

Never forget that yesterday was the greatest day to invest. Consequently, it is always a smart idea to invest. Never is time an issue.

It is never too late to begin building wealth if paying off debt and meeting other financial obligations have kept you from investing up to this point. Markets don’t care about time. So, arm yourself with the necessary information and resources, and make your first investment to ensure that you no longer pass up chances to increase your wealth.

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Just take the first step

You will always have enough excuses to not invest, but you may not always have enough money. As you see your prime investing years pass you by, these excuses will seem increasingly pointless and leave you with a huge sense of regret. Draw up an investment plan and go the extra mile to put your hard-earned money to good use. You owe it to your future self.

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